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This Service / The Fire and Disguise

by Toui Manikhouth

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released April 4, 2016

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Toui Manikhouth (SOCAN).



all rights reserved


Toui Manikhouth Hamilton, Ontario

I write songs on my acoustic guitar and record them at home.

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Track Name: This Service
Just let me out of the dark
A song for us is all you'll get out of me
All bets are off

This service for you is free
I'll stand by watching it all go on as planned
All bets are off

Don't let me throw in the fight
Discerned, I'm leaving it all just to get out alive
I'll get them back next time
Track Name: Other Ones
I'm feeling encumbered
I try and relate
Because Spring isn't over
I'll have you know I've sent them home

The slate and marker are covered
I try and be safe
I try to remember
That all of the other ones
I've sent them home

All of the other ones
I've sent them home
Track Name: Flowers in Zara
I'll lay down
By the water is just fine
Merge two lives and stay
Black haired and perfect inside

Brown eyes and fair
The bait some days far-fetched in line
With the young and the new
The date is some days mismatched in line
With the old and the new

I'll slow down
The light of time passes by cursive lines
Wasted on flowers at work
Track Name: The Fire and Disguise
Let's keep them away
If you're telling me not to stray afar
When the fire burns out

We're too late they'll say
And it's turning me out and off again

Let's keep them at bay
Who will wait around like us
When the fire burns out
Track Name: New Summer
Embracing company and resting up
From all the times you've followed me and held on
Until my only luck gets thrown away

The sky looks down on me deceived and lost
With all my flawed apologies you've carried on
Until my only love gets thrown away
Track Name: Mouth of May
Help me find a way to close this mouth of May
Hardly skewed but it's gold to me now

Help me burn away and wash this mouth's decay
Hardly fueled but it's good to be back
Track Name: Anna
All these years I've been told she'll be the one
Everyone knows
Maybe it's a phase and I won't want to shake
That beautiful shine, smiling away
Get a little worried that I'll move aside

Anna I won't let you down

In all these years that I've been cold
She'll be the warmth
Everyone knows
Maybe it's the face that I don't want to shake
That beautiful shine, style and grace
Get a little worried that I'll move aside

Anna I won't let you down
Track Name: Low Tide
Don't take the battles we've lost in the wrong way
We'll leave them behind with the heartache
And words said out of line long ago

My forte is moving along when the dawn breaks
We'll travel these steps measured all the way
And countdown our return before long

Now we're too far gone
But that's why we're prepared
Low tide, there's strength in the sides
But now I want to go

It's too late we've dealt them a hand that they can't play
The demons inside march on unscathed
Helpless in their cause and all alone

I can't wait for sinister signs pointing our way
And a master disguise captured all the way
Somewhere out of town, down the road

The few and far between will lead on the attack
But this structure will fall
We'll rise up and walk down the line